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Makesense brings together and supports engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs, and forward-looking organizations to collectively tackle today’s social and environmental issues.

We help different stakeholders to unlock their potential to create positive impact through customized pathways of engagement. For citizens, we offer ways to learn and take action. For entrepreneurs, we offer programs to help strengthen their projects. For organizations, we offer programs to innovate and transform their practices. In 7 years, we have supported 2,800 entrepreneurs, 35,000 citizens and 100 organizations. Makesense is developed by a team of 70+ people in 8 offices around the world: Paris, Mexico, Dakar, Manila, Beyrouth, Lima, Delhi and Abidjan.

In the Philippines, makesense has been existing for 5 years. Thanks to our community of 50 volunteers in 6 cities of the Philippines and our fulltime team based in Manila, we engaged in real life 3,000 people in social innovation activities, supported the creation of 50 social enterprises and accelerated the launching of 6 social enterprises. In September 2018, makesense have opened the first Asian makesense incubation program!


    makesense Philippines
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